I can see clearly now

It might have taken over 50 years of life on this Earth but finally I not only can see clearly  I am free and uninhibited to talk about what I see and what I think.  

As a freelance consultant I am not attached to any particular organisation, employer or a party line.  My children are now young adults in their first jobs and I look from the “sidelines” at today’s fast paced world, with complex challenges ahead of the new generations.  I wrote a diary when I was a teenager.  Stopped when life became too busy, too involved and too unpredictable.  I always enjoyed writing and now is the time to return to putting pen to paper, or rather converting my thoughts to digital signals, saving them in my hard drive ans sharing with those who migh care to read them.

30 years of uninterrupeted professional work, two university educated children, two grand children, a rollercoaster of jobs, places, work colleagues, family members and friends all adding to a kaleidoscope of colour, texture and music that is my wonderful life.  Looking forward to reflecting on what was, is and will be.





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