Polish films at the Brisbane International Film Festival, November 14-25 2012

Brisbane International Film Festival, November 14-25, is offering 136 films and 66 shorts in 227 sessions – including 43 Australian premieres and 3 world premieres – over 12 days; plus an extra two days for our pre-festival curtain raisers. The full program is available at http://www.biff.com.au/.

This year, there will be a special selection of Polish films on offer:


ROMAN POLANSKI: A FILM MEMOIR: One of the most gifted and controversial directors of our age, Roman Polanski has lived a life of extremes – from a childhood in the Krakow ghetto and the many accolades of his film career, to the murder of his wife and the personal scandals which would see him forever exiled from America. In Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir, long-time friend Andrew Braunsberg and documentarian Laurent Bouzereau team up to provide one of the most in-depth portrayals of the director ever committed to film. Shot while Polanski was under house arrest in 2009, Roman Polanski is a humane, unflinching depiction of a filmmaker whose style has captivated the world, but whose personal life ensured he would forever remain apart from it. http://tix.biff.com.au/session2_biff.asp?sn=Roman+Polanski%3A+A+Film+Memoir

IN A BEDROOM: Beautiful, icy Edyta is a call-girl – at least that’s what the wealthy men who hire her think. Then when she gets to their houses, she drugs them and steals whatever cash she can find – or just makes use of a warm bed for the night. But when her plan fails with artist Patryk, the two damaged souls find themselves slipping into a strange, dangerous romance. The debut feature from 32-year-old Tomasz Wasilewski, In a Bedroom is a remarkably assured art-house thriller from the frontlines of Polish cinema. Lean, sharp-eyed and elegant – like Edyta herself – this is a searing study of desperate people cast adrift in a foundering Europe. http://tix.biff.com.au/session2_biff.asp?sn=In+a+Bedroom

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