“Born wise: the art of Jacqueline Hick” – Gloria Strzelecki Exhibition Curator and Author


SA curator Gloria Strzelecki has invited Ms Hill to be the VIP guest at the opening of the Carrick Hill’s exhibition, Born wise: the art of Jacqueline Hick.

The exhibition’s title was inspired by an observation Smart made about his friend: “Jackie was born wise, and born unperturbed … she was quick to see human absurdities, she had a marvellous laugh and a keen sense of humour”.

Strzelecki sourced more than 50 works from public and private collections for the retrospective, the first devoted to Hick since RSASA’s Hick retrospective during the 1994 Adelaide Festival

“I thought that put her into context beautifully,” Strzelecki says. “Because when you look at the work, especially her social realist works, and then her representations of Aboriginal people, you get a feeling for her compassion, and her love of people and life.”

Carrick Hill’s is accompanied by a new book, Jacqueline Hick: Born wise, written by Strzelecki and published locally by Wakefield Press.


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