Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop visits Warsaw

Australia-pod i konf-0346
28 March 2014

“Today’s visit to Warsaw by Minister Julie Bishop confirms that political relations between Poland and Australia are in an excellent state,” Minister Radosław Sikorski said at a meeting with Australia’s foreign minister on Friday. The chief of Australia’s diplomacy has arrived in Warsaw for a two-day visit.
The meeting at the MFA focussed on the latest developments in Ukraine. Minister Radosław Sikorski thanked the Australian government for the position it took in the UN Security Council, and for endorsing sanctions imposed on Russia. “In the face of a Russian aggression, Poland has shown where real power is. I want to thank you for the role you took with regard to the illegal annexation of Crimea, and the Ukrainian question as such,” said Minister Bishop referring to the Polish foreign minister’s engagement in resolving the political crisis in our eastern neighbour. Minister Bishop added that it is not too late for Russia to enter into dialogue.

The meeting’s agenda also included security policy issues, including in the Asia-Pacific region, and the US’s role in sustaining global stability. “The United States is the centrepiece of security in both our regions,” noted Minister Sikorski.

Moreover, the talks of Poland’s and Australia’s top diplomats at the MFA covered bilateral trade relations. “We are glad that trade between our countries, which is already worth 850 million dollars, grew by 28 percent last year,” underscored Minister Sikorski. He expressed the hope that Australian investments in Poland will continue to expand, citing the examples of shale gas prospecting and green technologies. The minister added that Australians have already invested a total of 1.34 billion dollars in Poland.

The two ministers rounded off their Friday talks by signing a Poland-Australia agreement on issuing visas to participants of a working holiday scheme. Addressed to young citizens of both countries, the programme allows its beneficiaries to take up legal employment during a tourist stay of maximum one year.

Marcin Wojciechowski
MFA Press Spokesman

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