Covid-19 Consular Corps Update 1/4/20


Social gathering restrictions

As of midnight last night, both indoor and outdoor social gatherings are now to be restricted to a maximum of two people, which includes in the home. The exceptions are weddings – a maximum of 5 people, funerals – a maximum of 10 people, and family units. In addition the Prime Minister advised people should stay at home unless shopping for necessary food and supplies, addressing medical or health care needs, exercising, or working/studying if unable to do so remotely.

Federal Government COVID-19 website

The official Australian Government website is updated daily to provide you with all the latest coronavirus news, updates and advice from government agencies across Australia.

 Federal Government launches COVID-19 app

The Government has launched a new Coronavirus app to allow users to navigate the latest advice and information about coronavirus. At this early stage the app is only in English, however the Government is considering ways to provide the app in other languages. You can search for the app in your app store under ‘Coronavirus Australia’. We encourage you all to download it.

 Stockpiling of items

The Government wants to send a strong message to the Australian community that there is no requirement to hoard or stockpile items – whether it be food stuffs, medical items or any other goods. This behaviour is to the detriment of the whole community and has led to lack of some products and therefore community hardship. Should anyone become aware of such activity we would appreciate if you could bring it to our attention.

Citizenship ceremonies

We are aware that many local councils have chosen to cancel citizenship ceremonies. The Department is actively considering the best way to manage this ongoing need and is looking into alternate options. We will keep you informed if and when we have any additional information.

SA State Government COVID-19 dashboard

The South Australian Government is also providing a useful summary of the coronavirus health statistics in SA.


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