Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) community update 4/4/20


You may have seen the Prime Minister’s address yesterday where he thanked the Chinese Australian community for their commitment to assisting the government and community with the Covid-19 response. Earlier Minister Alan Tudge also thanked all multicultural communities for their continued support and commitment to keeping their communities and the wider community safe.

We have received feedback from some community leaders that their communities have been experiencing Covid-19 related racism and discrimination. The Australian Government wants to send a strong message that racism is unacceptable at all times and in particular during a time where we need to support and assist each other. We appreciate you keeping us informed if your communities are impacted, we are reporting to the Minister’s office and would like to make sure we include any instances of discrimination. Thank you again for your continued support and the time and effort you are committing to ensuring your communities are up to date and informed.

The Prime Minister’s address from today 3 April, can be found at this link:

For the most up to date information please visit

Home Affairs Website – COVID-19 information

The below link will take you to a new information page on the Home Affairs website where all federal government translated factsheets are stored along with information regarding a range of visa programs, government measures to control the spread of Covid-19, and with updates from other federal government departments. This will be a very useful resource for you as you assist your community through this time.

The website gives you the opportunity to select a visa type that may be affected and see the most up to date information. If you select the “All Visa Holders” option you can then select a visa type in the drop down list.

Free Child Care Arrangements

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that child care costs would now be free for people who are still employed and need to access child care for their children. The Prime Minister said that all jobs in this current environment are deemed essential and thanked everyone who continue to work through this time. This will ensure child care facilities can remain open to support workers.

More information can be found here:

Places of Worship – Update

Today the Prime Minister clarified how places of worship can operate for significant religious services.

Places of worship must still remain closed to the public. Please see excerpt from the Prime Minister’s statement today:

“Churches and other places of worship, will be considered places of work so that services can be live streamed to the community. This will ensure that religious services, including Easter services, remain accessible to congregations. National Cabinet agreed that providing access to services is important for a sense of continuity and social connection.

Services may be conducted and live streamed providing only essential staff are present, the venue/facility remains closed to the public, and social distancing principles are adhered to.

Any church wishing to conduct religious services, including Easter services, must use the minimum number of participants required to deliver and live stream the service, which may include a priest, attendants, organist, videographer and sound recordist.”

The Prime Minister suggested these recommendations may change and we will continue to inform you as changes are made.


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