Novel Coronavirus (-19) Emergency Assistance community update 26/5/20

Dear Community Leaders, thank you again for your engagement and efforts to support your communities through this time.

Emergency Relief

We have received a number of queries regarding the Australian Government support for temporary visa holders.

The Australian Government is investing more than $250 million over four years, for Emergency Relief across Australia.  This includes funding to almost 200 Commonwealth-funded emergency relief providers, as part of the package announced by the Government to help vulnerable Australians impacted by COVID-19.

The Government encourages vulnerable people who are experiencing financial crisis to contact a nearby emergency relief provider to ask about their eligibility to access the services.  Contact details are available on the Department of Social Service’s service directory: SA Service Directory

The Government is also investing more than $26 million for Food Relief nationally. This includes funding to the three Commonwealth-funded Food Relief providers to increase their workforce, food supplies, and transport options.

Foodbank Australia:



New Translations – Easing of Restrictions

The Department has uploaded new translations of the ‘Easing of Restrictions’ factsheets on our website:

Migration Council Australia – MyAusCOVID-19 App

The Migration Council Australia has launched the MyAusCOVID-19 app, a multilingual resource for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. This app is voluntary and should not be confused with official Australian Government COVID Safe tracing app.

This app contains information about COVID-19, tips for prevention, caring for individuals and community, information on government response, and access to health care, financial assistance and support:

Please note, the Department of Home Affairs does not necessarily endorse the content contained, or referenced in this app, and is forwarding this advice for the information of your stakeholders, providers and clients.

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