KORONAWIRUS: działania profilaktyczne BRIEF SPECJALNY 11.03.2020 r.

SZKOŁY, UCZELNIE, INSTYTUCJE KULTURY – DZIAŁANIA W ZWIĄZKU Z KORONAWIRUSEM  Najbliższe dwa tygodnie to czas szeroko zakrojonych działań, które mają zapobiegać szybkiemu rozprzestrzenianiu się koronawirusa w Polsce.  Działamy zapobiegająco i profilaktycznie. Podejmujemy zdecydowane kroki, żeby ograniczyć w Polsce duże skupiska ludzi.  Im mniej osób w jednym miejscu, tym mniejsze szanse na szybkie … Continue reading

Artur Dutkiewicz Trio Concert in Adelaide

Artur Dutkiewicz, with the highest number of international performances, is acclaimed as the Polish Ambassador of Jazz. On May 29th over 200 music lovers enjoyed a unique, one only concert at the Brighton High Concert Hall, Jeffrey Kong Auditorium in Adelaide.  Artur Dutkiewicz, one of Poland’s greatest contemporary jazz pianists,  inspired by his latest compositions on … Continue reading

Amazon declares long-term plans for Poland

April 27, 2015 American electronic commerce company Amazon plans to increase employment in Poland to 12,000 within three years in order to have 4,500 stable employees and 7,500 seasonal workers, Amazon’s operating director in Poland Kerry Person said in an interview for the daily Rzeczpospolita. The company has long-term plans in Poland, he said adding that … Continue reading

Poland: The Brighter Side of Europe

In June 2012 Poland and Ukraine, host countries of the UEFA Euro 2012 soccer championships welcomed millions of passionate football fans from around the world.  Both countries can be extremely proud of the way in which the games were planned, organised and managed.  Traditional Slavic hospitality, positive energy, warmth and resourcefulness were truly on show … Continue reading

What European troubles mean to Australia?

Despite the geographical distance we should expect the European crisis to have a fair impact here in Australia. As is always the case with all global turmoils, the effects can be two fold: negative and positive.  The saying goes: “If you want to find a big opportunity, look for a big problem.” The world has … Continue reading

Why Australia should take an interest in Poland

The year 2011 has been a historical year for Poland with the first ever re-election of the serving government in the 20 year history of a democratic Poland. The country emerged from the Global Financial Crisis in exceptional condition compared to other European nations, and has sustained a productive economy with GDP growth of around … Continue reading