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AuEuConnect – a leader in connecting business across continents

Au-Eu Connect has been established and supported by a highly experienced international team of economists, former diplomats, negotiators, communication experts, business managers, IT specialists and linguists.

It is our Mission to provide value add to businesses engaging in business across boarders and continents. In collaboration with experts AU-EU Connect provides digital strategies solutions for businesses going global, ensuring and allowing access through different platforms including links with social and new media and accessible through different media including mobile devises.

We are looking at the world with a different lens, which allows true, sincere and direct collaboration with entrepreneurs in new and emerging economies. We have personal experience of living and working both in developed and developing markets. We have witnessed many political, social and economic transitions and learnt valuable lessons in strengthening governance, building states, cities, industries and creating wealth in post conflict regions.

Network 64

A multilingual team of internationally experienced, highly qualified business and public sector management specialists. We have been in business for over twenty years and have provided enterprise training, business planning, management support , export assistnace as well as IT services to many noteworthy clients in South Australia, nationally and internationally. We have the experience, skills and technology to make your business or community organisation thrive in the competitive, 21st century environment. If you are located in South Australia you will value our convenient, reliable and friendly business advice and PC technical support. Our team is based in Adelaide, South Australia and we have associates in Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Indonesia, South Africa, Zambia and China.

AuEuConnectJOBS: not only CVs

Helping professionals stand out. An excellent service providing application support, mentoring, research and interview coaching at all stages of recruitment. Help with career progression when you’re ready for a change, so your job hunt is quick and effective.

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