Travelling to the Cradle of Human Life in the Time of Global Pandemic

Today on 2oth August 2021, I stepped for the first time on the Ethiopian soil, the ancient land where human beings walked on two legs 3 and a half million years ago. It is in Ethiopia where several hundred pieces of fossilized bone representing 40 percent of the skeleton of a female of the hominin species Australopithecus afarensis…

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When you lift your head the world looks different

When I told my friends and colleagues of my mission to Ethiopia, I received two kinds of responses.  “You must be crazy, it’s a dangerous place, people are dying there of hunger and disease”.  Generally, people think of Ethiopia as a land of barren deserts and starving people.  However, another reaction was: “How lucky, I…

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Origins of Coffee

“Ethiopia scarcely receives more than a sentence or two in the histories of coffee and the Kafa region – the place that arguably gave everywhere outside of Ethiopia the name for the drink.  Kafa is the home to the worlds’ original coffee culture, yet it remains virtually unknown”.

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Preparation Perfects Execution

Before the actual mobilisation of any of my international assignments I had done a great deal of preparation.  In fact, I consider preparation as a major part of the mobilisation process.  I always turn to these trusted tools and resources

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