UNICEF Pacific 2020

I provided remotely rapid support to UNICEF Pacific Education team with the rollout of preparedness and response strategies across school systems in the Pacific Islands and focused on schools reopening advocacy. l was responsible for coordinating the production of COVID-19 information, safety and continuity of learning materials, guidance notes, posters, booklets and brochures to support governments of several Pacific Island Countries in consultation with numerous stakeholders.  I managed the development and timely finalisation of school reopening materials and community guides for Fiji and Solomon Islands. I communicated and liaised at horizontal and vertical levels ensuring that the final products reflected the guidance and approved content of the respective Ministries of Education. l also assisted with inputs for appeals, social media messaging, interviews, beneficiary stories and urgent funding applications.

UNHCR Jordan 2018

I helped coordinate the implementation a $10M Support to Refugees in Urban Areas Project Partnership, integrating community partners and service providers who jointly delivered innovative education and social protection programs in urban areas of Jordan, outside of refugee camps. One of the important elements of this multi-prong project was building cohesion between the refugees and the host community. I proactively partnered with civil society, OPDs and UN agencies, engaged with all actors, facilitated links, effective communications and reporting channels. I tracked outcomes, monitored schedules and a timely deployment of resources, personnel recruitment and training.

UNHCR-UNICEF Senegal 2018

I participated in a week-long training exercise organised in Dakar by UNICEF, UNHCR, sponsored by Norwegian Organisation for Refugees NORRCAP.  It was facilitated bilingually (in French and English) and focused on emergency response needs assessment and a better alignment between all response clusters: education, protection, livelihoods, GBV, health, WASH and others.   We reviewed the current EIE policies, standards, tools and practices and role played a life-like hypothetical emergency response to a crisis situation in “Freedonia.”  On completion of the workshops we are now better equipped to provide leadership and facilitate coordination of education in emergencies responses in line with international humanitarian principles and minimum standards for EiE.  In particular I enjoyed meeting and interacting with colleagues from all over the world, and especially from West and Central Africa, who generously shared their real life their field experiences and challenges. I also believe that my own interaction and contribution was much appreciated.  I was even awarded a top place by my peers for the most convincing mock presentation “Appeal for Funding to donors”.

Austrade Central Europe 2004-2008

I was accredited as Australia’s top Trade and Investment diplomat to Central and South Eastern Europe, based in Warsaw Poland in the historical time of EU accession by Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Malta. Part of the same enlargement was accession to the EU by Bulgaria and Romania. I was responsible for Australia’s trade and investment engagement with 17 countries, including Croatia, Serbia. Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, as well as Greece.

Responsible for;  representing Australia’s commercial interests (export and investment) at the highest international level with governments, agencies, business groups and accredited missions in CSEE:  Liaising with diplomatic missions, engaging with stakeholders, developing commercial opportunities, business contacts and partners, implementing strategies and providing services to assist Australian exporters, Ensuring compliance with audit requirements, government’s policies and administrative procedures

South Africa Kwazulu Natal 2003

Australia South Africa Local Government Partnership Program.

I was working as a Technical Adviser on a Local Economic Development (LED) component of the ASALGP. My duty station was a remote district of Umkhanyakude in Kwazulu Natal. I assisted in the start-up of more than 10 new income producing micro-enterprises and conducting pilot training program for 15 fledgling businesses and designed and delivered trainer training for local municipal staff and community workers.

Russia/ Ukraine/ Kazakhstan 1993

l delivered resilience and enterprise training programs for women as part of Australia’s commitment to
development of the former socialist economies of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The projects were implemented
during the time of transition politics, tension and instability over the removal of central party control , tension over
ethno- territorial and nationality issues, multi ethnicity, inter-ethnic competition for power, de-institutionalisation of
autonomies in newly independent republics. Provided pol icy development advice on strengthening programs and
services to the medium and small business sector in newly developing market economies, in partnership with peak
women’s organisations. Delivered trainer- training and show-cased Australian expertise and experience in innovative
employment programs, business incubators, enterprise and vocational training. Delivered small business management
training courses and employment creation programs in partnership with local agencies. These programs were
attended by women with limited employment and financial means who were often driven to prostitution as a source
of income. Trafficking for the purpose of sexual and labour exploitation was a serious issue identified and reported.

Northern Adelaide Development Board

For three years I was the Manager of the Business Enterprise Centre (BEC), covering the northern industrial and food producing regions of Salisbury, Playford and Gawler. I was responsible for the strategic planning and securing funding for the Centre from state and local government agencies, growing the membership base, engaging with the local governments, corporations, industry, traders, schools and academia; Co-ordinated advisory and assistance programs for medium and small enterprises; Provided business advice, counselling, information dissemination, training, networking opportunities, export
development, web-enablement, business plan development and feasibility assessment for financing

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